Technical Information

Our machine tools with maximum capacity:

Turning CNC vertical:

upto dia. 730 mm

Turning CNC(2x):

upto dia. 535 mm – Dia. 475 mm max. lenght 1290 mm

Turning CNC(2x):

with driven tool + Y-axis dia 300 mm

Milling CNC:

X= 1500 mm –Y= 750 mm –Z= 450 mm
Milling 4-axis Heidenhain: X= 1200 mm –Y= 750 mm –Z= 450 mm
CNC plain vertical milling machine:

X=2500mm  -Y=1000mm  -Z=1000mm

With a programmable Huronhead (indexable per 2.5°)

30 tools, automatic tool change ISO 50

Vertical(2x) Machiningcenter: X= 1300 mm-Y= 700 mm –Z= 400 mm
Surface grinding: X= 600 mm –Y=300 mm
Cylindrical grinding: Max.  diam. 350 mm x lenght750 mm
Conventional turning: Max. diam. 1100 mm x lenght 4000 mm
Teach-In turning: dia 300 tussenpunten 1600 mm
Boring machine PEGARD: X= 1200 mm –Y900 mm –Z900 mm
Honing: Sunnen Machine


Welding, semi – automatic, TIG, Electrode, Bras ( industrial, design, construction, etc.).

Sandblasting and micro-blasting with glass-or plastic pearls.

Balancing. Assembly of  sub- assemblies.

Our control department is equipped with measuring equipment to an accuracy of 0,001mm.
We have different height gauges , roughness testers and 3D measuring machine in an air-conditioned room etc.

We realize parts according to drawing and rework maintenance parts.

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